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Drinking Music: What’s on Your Playlist?

Beer and music are an obvious yet overlooked combination. Y&H readers may remember the Beerspotter's listening party on NPR last summer. Brewers like James Watt and Martin Dickie of the Scottish brewery BrewDog hold beer and music pairing events and listen to specific albums every time they brew (and no, it's not all punk though […]

Glur’s Tavern: The Oldest Bar West of the Missouri River… and Maybe the Quietest

My recent trip back to the Midwest took me to Columbus, Neb., for a wedding and an unexpected visit to Glur's Tavern, which the Beverage Analyst in 1972 called the oldest bar west of the Missouri River operating continuously in the same building. Yeah, I know, that's a ton of qualifications in one sentence, but, […]