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Brookland’s Menomalé Opens with Neapolitan-Style Pizza and Craft Beer

It's the biggest pizza oven on the East Coast, or at least that is Menomalé's claim. Weighing in at just over 5,500 pounds, the new Brookland eatery's custom-built oven from Naples, Italy, is made from a salt-based stone used for the texture and flavor it adds to the crust. The torcher burns wood, not gas, and […]

Neapolitan Smackdown!

In opening La Forchetta, the modish new Italian-themed eatery in Wesley Heights, restaurateur Hakan Ilhan boldly declared that the reigning mecca of authentic Neapolitan-style pizza-making in the District had just been surpassed.“2Amys, in my opinion, was No. 1," Ilhan said, referring to Peter Pastan's uber-popular pizzeria in Cleveland Park. "I think ours is the best.” […]

La Forchetta Vows To Topple 2Amys As D.C.’s Highest Neapolitan Temple

Restaurateur Hakan Ilhan has taste-tested all sorts of artisanal pizzas around town. “2Amys, in my opinion, was No. 1," Ilhan says, referring to Peter Pastan's uber-popular pizzeria in Cleveland Park. Yes, Ilhan is speaking in the past tense. Like any confident operator of a brand-spankin' new gourmet pizza joint, Ilhan boldly asserts that the pies […]

Don’t Call It Soggy! Il Canale’s Neapolitan-Certified Pizza

Tender and juicy are not generally the first words that come to mind when discussing pizza. But that's exactly how Giuseppe “Joe” Farrugio, owner of Il Canale in Georgetown, describes his pies. “We are making tender, juicy pizzas,” he says. And Farrugio now has the credentials to back it up. Last week, Farrugio's restaurant became […]

Ex-Y&Her Tim Carman Wins James Beard Award

We like to think "former Young & Hungry columnist" remains the fanciest entry on alum Tim Carman's CV. But as of last night, when the winners of the James Beard Foundation's prestigious annual food-writing awards were announced, there's a distinction that may be even shinier: Carman won the foodie organization's award for best columnist, based on […]

Tagolio: A Coal-Fired Pizza You Can Believe In

The salsiccia pizza at Tagolio Last week's Young & Hungry column flamed a pizzeria in Gaithersburg called Coal Fire, the second outlet in a budding  chain that takes its name from the joint's purported cooking method. The truth, unfortunately, is more complicated than that. Yes, Coal Fire's oven is a giant Wood Stone unit that […]

‘Un Americana in Italia’ Checks Out Neapolitan Pizza

Y&H has spent a lot of time (and newsprint space) talking about Neapolitan pizza and its variations in the D.C. area.  There are some who believe that genuine Neapolitan pizza is not as soft as the pies they produce around these parts. This video doesn't really solve the crispiness issue of Neapolitan pizza — as […]

A Disgruntled Reader Suggests Y&H Change His Review of Pizzeria Orso

Melisse Baylor sent me an e-mail this afternoon, under the heading, "pizzeria orso — you mind want to amend your review." Never mind the typo, I got the idea. Melissa Baylor and her family had a bad experience at the new Falls Church pizzeria, which I had raved about earlier this week. Below is the […]

New Haven Pizza: If It’s Not Neapolitan, What Is It?

The opening of the second outlet of Pete's New Haven Style Apizza provided me with the perfect opportunity to look into the classic pie and try to understand its defining qualities.  Here's one thing I learned during the process of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column: New Haven pizza-makers consider their product Neapolitan-style, which […]

New Haven Pizza and Its Connections to Naples and D.C.

This week's Young & Hungry will examine New Haven pizza from several different perspectives: What characteristics define it? What is its connection to Neapolitan pies? And how has it been interpreted by two separate pizza parlors in D.C.? To put the column together, I conducted hours of interviews with pizza makers both here and in […]