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Endangered Sighting: A Crushed Can of Blue Raspberry Four Loko

While Glover Park’s preppy twentysomethings have been tossing their alcoholic beer cans to the ground for years, count what's pictured above as an endangered sighting: a crushed, presumably consumed can of Four Loko, the caffeinated-alcohol packed beverage that’s been discontinued after a number of state and local jurisdictions banned the product and the U.S. Food […]

Which Came First in the Battle of the Nattys: Boh or Light?

The Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper pointed me to a New York Times piece yesterday that brings up the potential nomenclature scrum over the nickname "Natty," between canned beers National Bohemian and Natural Light. (Props to Kasper for calling them both "thin beers" even though Natty Boh is a Charm City hometown favorite.) In the piece, […]