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When ‘Apps’ No Longer Means Appetizers: The Growing Gadgetry of Gastronomy

It's going to get a lot tougher for chefs to complain about customers' cell phone use at the dinner table. At least with a straight face. Restaurants everywhere are rolling out their own flickering gadgets: the new Elisir has its wine list on an Android tablet, 901 has illuminated its entire menu at nighttime on […]

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day: Is This You?

Never fear, this year it shouldn’t take a lot of luck to get into your favorite bar if you’re among the 28 percent of adults planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Because, be honest, that’s where you were planning on going right? That’s what the National Restaurant Association says, anyway. According to its survey, the most […]

ROC-United Supports the People Who Actually Cook and Serve You Food

A couple of weeks ago, I was telling you about Don Rockwell's fledgling campaign to start an independent restaurant association that would represent workers in the hospitality industry, right down to providing them health care. Little did I know that there already was an organization in town trying to do exactly that. A few days […]

What Restaurant Trends Do Chefs Foresee for 2010?

Yesterday, Y&H shared a small, informal survey about what food will be the next "pork belly." Today, we have a larger, slightly more scientific survey from the National Restaurant Association, which polled more than 1,800 chefs for their thoughts on future restaurant trends. While there are few surprises, I find it interesting that the chefs […]

Madam’s Organ Gets Award for Dealing with Inner-City Blues, Not Scheduling Them

Y&H has known Madam's Organ has a good venue for the blues, a target of ABRA investigators, a radical objector to Adams Morgan Day, and the place to find to the best-named burger in town (the Bill Clinton, which comes with an offer: "$1.00 off for women who have slept with the President. Limit: 3 […]