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Barton Seaver’s Cookbook to Cater to the Walmart Crowd

I had been trying to reach Barton Seaver for weeks, hoping he might have something to say about his short time at Blue Ridge and about the Glover Park eatery's new focus on beer. But Seaver is a busy man, and we missed phone calls on several occasions. It was only late last week that […]

Go Inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Humanity’s Protection Against the Apocalypse

As if Al Gore's documentary, or even his divorce, didn't shake our faith in humanity enough, now we have this:  the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which is designed to protect us from our own stupidity. You know, like global warming and nuclear war. It's a seed vault buried inside a mountain on the Norwegian island […]

This Week: The Bruery at Galaxy Hut, Schlafly Launch at ChurchKey, Beerspotter Dinner at Granville Moore’s & Beer vs. Wine at National Geographic

It seems like the calm before the storm with only a handful of beer events in the next few weeks before the madness of American Craft Beer Week (May 17 to 23) and SAVOR starts up. There may only be a few events, but they are big ones. First up, all week there is a […]