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How Natty Boh and a Shot of Old Overholt Became the D.C. Industry Drink of Choice

Bar owner Derek Brown isn’t even sure they still make the stuff, but sitting at the bar at Old Ebbitt Grill on Monday night, he asks anyway: “We’ll take two shots of Irish Mist.” “OK. Chilled or unchilled?” the bartender replies. Brown expected the guy to laugh in his face—the way an Apple Store employee […]

Recap: Good Beer Tasting at Red Derby

As Twitter pros know, I hosted a beer tasting last night at the Columbia Heights neighborhood bar Red Derby. A warm crowd of strangers huddled together around a dimly lit pool table in the back room, clutched beer cups in each hand, and made friends over some serious side-by-side tasting. Why side by side? Well, […]

Which Came First in the Battle of the Nattys: Boh or Light?

The Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper pointed me to a New York Times piece yesterday that brings up the potential nomenclature scrum over the nickname "Natty," between canned beers National Bohemian and Natural Light. (Props to Kasper for calling them both "thin beers" even though Natty Boh is a Charm City hometown favorite.) In the piece, […]