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Where to Eat Beaver Next Week

John Snedden knows muskrat is a tough sell to diners, but that's not stopping him from turning them into a stew. “That’s something they’ve never seen on the dinner table,” he says. The owner of Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company brings “Grills Gone Wild” back to all four of its Washington-area restaurants next week to kick […]

Quick Feeding: Sticky Book Pages, Paula Deen, and One Final Note on Musrkat

Sweet Victory: A local baked-goods emporium, Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights, competed in a cupcake contest on a cable television reality show, won a big prize, and now it's time to write a book! This is how culinary celebrities are made. [Super Vegan; Eater D.C.] Muskrat Taste Test: Want to taste some rodent? Here's one […]

Don’t Give Up Muskrat for Lent

For those who are sick and tired of this gross photo of a mostly-cooked muskrat that was served at a Mount Pleasant house party a few weeks back, Young & Hungry apologizes. But as a helpful service to those observant Catholics, it should be noted that muskrat is OK to consume on Ash Wednesday and […]

More Muskrat News: They’re Coming in Popper Form!

A couple weeks ago, Young & Hungry detailed an unexpected food item that was served at a house party in Mount Pleasant: Locally sourced muskrat from Maryland's Eastern Shore, pictured here in all its gory glory, complete with a cute cranberry positioned between the rodent's teeth. We put in a couple inquiries to local restaurant […]

Quick Feeding: How to Cook Fresh Roadkill and Make Floral Desserts

How Low Would You Go? Remember my post earlier this week about eating locally sourced muskrat from earlier this week? Would you eat roadkill? Like a raccoon? Steven Rinella of the Travel Channel's The Wild Within teams up with a San Francisco chef to prepare raccoon. "There are so many strange bones in here. ... […]

Muskrat With Roasted Vegetables: A Toothy Party Treat?

While at a party in Mount Pleasant on Saturday evening, an acquaintance of mine walked through the dining room into the kitchen with two foil wrapped containers, muttering something indecipherable to a group of people a couple steps away. A few puzzled moments later, somebody asked for clarification: "Did he just say muskrat?" "Yeah, I […]