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Congratulations, America, You’re Not So Bland Anymore

So says NPR's Morning Edition, which is airing a segment today that claims the United States "is a far spicier nation than it used to be." Here are a few pieces of data from the NPR report to prove the point: "Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show big gains in Americans' spice consumption […]

Supersizing the Last Supper: What Does It Mean?

Last week, NPR's Morning Edition aired a tantalizing little snippet about the Supersizing of the Last Supper. It seems that over the past millennium, the meal has grown by a blubber-inducing 69 percent, according to nutrition experts who have studied depictions of the event, in which Jesus drops a dime on one of his disciples. So […]

The First Audience for TV Cooking Shows? Men in Taverns.

Morning Edition aired an engaging segment today on the history of cooking shows. Renee Montagne interviewed author Kathleen Collins whose book, Watching What We Eat, explores the evolution of cooking programs, and how they follow American culture. I got an ironic chuckle out of Collins' research into the first nationally televised cooking show, I Love […]

NPR’s Morning Edition Surprise: Ray’s Hell Burgers Will Survive the Economy!

If I may, allow me to boil down Yuki Noguchi's Morning Edition report today on how local restaurants are surviving this vicious economy: creating affordable prix-fixe menus, doing more with lesser ingredients, and, well, being Micheal Landrum. For the life of me, I can't understand why NPR would choose to focus on only two restaurants, […]