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A Black Friday Shopping Guide for People Who’d Rather Eat

Allow me to offer a disclaimer before I start: You can trust my picks for the District's best shopping districts as much as you can trust Bernie Madoff's financial advice. Through years of selective focus, I can walk through any neighborhood and ignore all manner of shoe shops, clothing stores, and perfumeries, my mind singularly […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Seventh Hill Pizza

The prosciutto sandwich at Seventh Hill If my 50 faves were based on style points alone, Seventh Hill Pizza would top the list. Pizzaiolo Anthony Pilla puts on a show every time he preps a pie for the wood-burning oven at the Capitol Hill pizzeria, owned by the same team responsible for the neighboring bistro […]

Dish of the Week: The Navy Yard at Seventh Hill Pizza

The pie-maker at Seventh Hill Pizza is named "Anthony," an employee tells me at the pizzeria on Capitol Hill. Try as I might to secure his surname, I can't get the job done because no one, the following day, will pick up the damn phone at the place. No matter. Anthony is a show all by himself. […]

When Good Restaurants Go Bad: My Montmartre Experience

Montmartre's monsieur: Put some cheese on that mofo. This has happened to all of us who've become fans of a particular restaurant: The place lets us down. Sometimes the disappointment is (relatively) minor, like when the kitchen runs out of a favorite dish or drops the plate entirely from the menu. But then there's the […]