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O’Donnel and Bhide Go National with Food Columns

Bhide in her home kitchen Former Washington Post writer and blogger Kim O'Donnel recently struck a deal to write a bi-monthly column for USA Today, the Family Kitchen, which will debut Nov. 10 in the national newspaper. Not to be outdone, last month local food writer and cookbook author Monica Bhide launched a weekly column, […]

Congratulations, America, You’re Not So Bland Anymore

So says NPR's Morning Edition, which is airing a segment today that claims the United States "is a far spicier nation than it used to be." Here are a few pieces of data from the NPR report to prove the point: "Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show big gains in Americans' spice consumption […]

How to Make the World’s Best Butter Chicken

Perhaps that's an exaggeration, but it's one born from childhood memories, which are prone to romantic visions of the past, particularly with memories tied to formative eating experiences. Writer and cookbook author Monica Bhide takes over the Young & Hungry column this week with a story about the butter chicken her father used to make. […]

Can You Learn to Cook from a Cookbook?

New Yorker scribe Adam Gopnik turned into a one-man El Niño last fall, generating all sorts of ancillary disturbances, when he noted that, in essence, reading a cookbook is a waste of time. You'll never learn to cook from one. Gopnik explains his position in his own sublime prose (a skill that we can only assume, based on […]

Best Food Writing 2009 Due in Bookstores Today

In some ways, I don't even know why I'm pimping this year's Best Food Writing collection, which is due out today. If you're a die-hard local gastronome, you've probably read 10 percent of the book without even purchasing it. How so? Five of the 50 essays included are from D.C. area writers, including Joe Yonan, […]

D.C. Well-Represented in This Year’s Best Food Writing Collection

Y&H has already tooted his own horn like Miles Davis after several lines of toot. But Holly Hughes, editor of the annual Best Food Writing anthologies, e-mailed Y&H yesterday to let me know who else in the D.C. area made the cut in this year's collection. It's an impressive showing. The honorees (the list could […]

Sudhir Seth and Monica Bhide Collaborate on Indian Crab Dinner

What started as a simple request on the board has blossomed into a full-fledged Indian crab dinner/book signing/general-foodie-wonkiness dinner at Spice Xing in Rockville on Sunday, July 12. Sudhir Seth, chef and owner of both Passage to India and Spice Xing, will team up with cookbook author Monica Bhide to offer a three-course dinner […]

Get to Know Your Ethnic Eats: The Bitter Gourd

Editor's note: With apologies to David Letterman, Young & Hungry launches an occasional series looking at the wealth of exotic foodstuffs that can be found in the District's ethnic grocery stores. The food: bitter gourd, sometimes known as bitter melon, bitter cucumber,  Balsam pear, balsamina (Spanish), ku gua or foo gwa (Chinese), karela (Hindi), and […]

Make Yourself Some Masala Popcorn for Sunday’s Oscar Broadcast

Monica Bhide is, hands-down, the D.C. region's authority on Indian cuisine. She writes about it, teaches classes about it, and is now YouTubing about it. (Sorry for that reckless use of a noun as verb.) Her first foray into video is a timely segment tied to this Sunday's Oscars ceremony, which could, if there is […]