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Get Your Own Mixologist When You Order $300 Worth of Booze from Klink

You can have someone at your door to make drinks within an hour.

Mixologist JP Caceres Could Be Deported on Friday

Mixologist JP Caceres may be forced to return to his native Bolivia on Friday, following his release in January after a month in an immigration detention center and a campaign by friends that raised more than $20,000 to help him fight to stay in the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement informed Caceres upon his release from the immigration […]

Mixologist JP Caceres on Possible Deportation: “I’m Going to Fight”

“I’m a free man!” JP Caceres booms as he bursts through the door of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Fairfax. Well, almost. The local mixologist, who’s made a name for himself in recent years creating cocktails at some of the city’s top restaurants, places his leg on a chair and rolls up his […]