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Eat the Vote: Blue and Red Cocktails at Policy

Bars, just say no to blue curaçao. It's gross and it's only appeal is that it's, well, blue. I know you want to have blue and red cocktails, but c'mon, get creative. Think outside the ballot box. That's just one of the problems with the cocktails at Policy: the Basil "Barack"-Berry and the Pomegra"Mitt" mojito. […]

Eat the Vote: Romney vs. Obama Fries at Cashion’s Eat Place

Y&H is taking a bite out of election-night coverage with some poll analysis. Food and drink polls, anyway. We'll be hopping around town, pitting red- and blue-inspired specials against each other to determine tonight's victor. We're kicking things off at Cashion's Eat Place, which has traded its regular menu for one full of Obama- and […]

What To Eat (& Drink) Tonight: Gin-grich & Tonic at Topaz

Tonight, try to numb your anxieties about the upcoming November election at Topaz, where a selection of new cocktails created in tribute to the remaining GOP candidates promise a far sweeter result than any polling place. You've got to hand it to Kimpton Hotels' resident mixologist Rico Wisner. Naming a liquid concoction after former U.S. […]