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Is That Really Wild Salmon? Maybe Not.

A new study from Oceana reveals widespread mislabeling of salmon.

Oceana Study Uncovers Massive Crab Cake Fraud in D.C. Area

The ocean conservation and advocacy organization found that 38 percent of the 90 crab cakes it tested in D.C. and Maryland were mislabeled.

Satellite Fish: A New Seafood Traceability Program Comes Straight out of Portlandia

“Here is the chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight. His name was Colin. Here are his papers,” a server tells Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in the Portlandia skit. Their characters want to know exactly where their meal is coming from: Is it local? Is it organic? USDA organic, Oregon organic, or Portland organic? (Never mind […]

Follow That Cheese: Whole Foods Burrata Not Made in House After All

Remember last week when my bud Lou spotted this house-made burrata at Whole Foods, which sent me into a tizzy wondering if it could possibly compare to the real sack of creamy Italian goodness? And remember when the dude at the Whole Foods in Tenleytown said that the label was a mistake and that the […]