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DGS Delicatessen Brings Back Jewish Christmas With Minibar and Maketto Chefs

Celebrate Christmas with Chinese food.

Chefs Are Working With Farmers to Custom-Grow Obscure Ingredients

Where'd those marshmallow flowers and dragon egg cucumbers come from?

Meet the Guy Who’s Bringing a Vinegar Revolution to D.C.

Daniel Liberson forages for elderflower, wild chamomile, and other lesser known plants for his Lindera Farms Vinegar.

Want a Last-Minute Reservation at Minibar? Fork Over $50

The avant-garde José Andrés restaurant is using Table 8, a San Francisco-based website and app that launched in D.C. in January.

Yet Another On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Will Launch in D.C.

Minibar joins Klink, Ultra, and Drizly.

Tableside Preparations Are Making a Comeback at D.C. Restaurants

Restaurants are carving Spanish ham, grinding and brewing coffee, and mixing cocktails at the diner’s side.

A Look at What Minibar’s Staff Eats for Family Meal

Diners aren’t the only ones who eat well at Minibar. The staff of José Andrés’ avant-garde restaurant get pretty extravagant when it comes to its own daily “family” meals. Typically, the kitchen’s four-person morning team, which gets in at 7 a.m., creates a menu for its peers while prepping for the evening dinner service. Every […]

Cost and Found: Trendy Restaurants Fight for the Best Junk

Those metal shade light fixtures above the bar? They’re jet engine noses, Jeff Black points out on a tour of his new Takoma Park restaurant Republic. Reclaimed Victorian sofas were refurbished in red velvet and connected to create a long banquette, while doors salvaged from Buenos Aires and found in New Jersey partition off the […]

Minibar Prices Year By Year

The most expensive restaurant in Washington has raised its price again. A 25-plus course meal at José Andrés’ Minibar now costs $250 excluding tax, tip, and drink pairings, which can soar to an additional $200. That’s nearly four times the price in 2003, when Minibar opened with six counter seats on the third floor of […]

The 10 Wackiest Repurposed Items in Restaurant Decor

Reclaimed barnwood? Psh. Restaurants have been using that for years now. But designers of many new eating and drinking establishments are finding plenty of other repurposed items to integrate into the decor. Behold, some of the most ridiculous, and occasionally awesome, recycled light fixtures, stools, purse hooks, and more. Tractor seat stools at Southern Efficiency: Windows and […]