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Last Night’s Leftovers: Rabbit Boudin Edition

Bring on the rabbit boudin! Drew Trautmann's District Kitchen opens Wednesday. [Post] More false advertising from Taylor Gourmet? It turns out, the real mayor didn't show up for the fancy sandwich shop's grand opening festivities on 14th Street NW on Tuesday. When the operators said "mayoral ribbon cutting," they were apparently talking about these guys. […]

Meatless Eats at Nationals Park: A Vegetarian’s Batting Rotation

Although the view of Shane Victorino's backside kept me fairly sated at a recent Nationals vs. Phillies game, I also required some real food in between sips of my $7 pint of Miller Lite. My boyfriend, a regular meat eater, ordered easily from the server in the 100 section of center field. Our limited menu […]

Don’t Like Pouring It? Then Take It Off The Menu

I was at a friend's house last night, enjoying some bottles of Great Divide's Hades, a 7.8-percent Belgian Ale. After a few hours, we decided to grab dinner at bar in Columbia Heights. It was late and I knew I had to work in the morning, but I was in the mood for another beer. […]

Vintage TV Beer Commercials

A friend forwarded a link this weekend to a classic beer commercial, which promptly started me on a 30-minute binge of vintage suds ads via You Tube. I thought I'd share some of the pain. First up: Hamm's.