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Want to Reenact an Obama Date Night?

While Wolfgang Puck's The Source at the Newseum has had no shortage of boldface-name diners, there's nothing like a presidential visit to cement a D.C. restaurant's celebrity status. Back in January, President Obama and Michelle Obama dined there for the first lady's 47th birthday. Now, in honor of Presidents' Day, the restaurant is offering a […]

Michelle Obama’s Secret Weapon in the War on Food: Bananas

The fine folks from that Taiwanese animation firm have dropped another amusing video. This time, watch first lady Michelle Obama battle Ronald McDonald of McDonald's, Burger King's The King, and Col. Sanders from KFC with fruits and vegetables. Young & Hungry never knew bananas could be used like ninja throwing stars. [via Eater Nat'l]

At White House, Roasted Veggies Trump Chicken-Fried Steak

The New York Times this morning zeroes in on holiday preparations at the White House, and even though the December party season has never been known much for good eating habits, the executive mansion is trying to stress its new penchant for local and healthy. Thank, in part, that garden first lady Michelle Obama planted […]

The ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Premiere: As Fascinating As Peeling Potatoes

Well, that wasn't a promising start. After all the celebrity stalkings and quick-fire guessing games during the show's filming, Top Chef D.C. premiered last night and laid a large goose egg on the White House lawn. Sure, the decision to conduct the first quick-fire challenge atop the Newseum was a clever change of venue, a […]

‘Top Chef’ D.C. Premieres Tonight: Where Will You Watch It?

Will D.C. come across as a cartoon parody of itself? Will the cheftestants be forced to make their own chili for the District's famous half-smoke? How often will the producers draft José Andrés to add some genuine "talk to the tomatoes" eccentricity to the show?  Will the Obamas make an appearance to show off the […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

District Taco was forced to find a new location to sell its hand-held snacks. Her fan base has spoken: They clearly don't want former Gibson bartender Tiffany Short to leave town! They've expressed their support for the talented mixologist by making our farewell story the most-popular item from last week. It even beat out a […]

The Obamas Boost Their Approval Ratings With a Trip to Komi

The president and first lady have already paid their respects to some of the deans of D.C. cooking — whether Michel Richard at Citronelle or Todd Gray at Equinox — but on Friday, Barack and Michelle Obama shared a date night at the house of the rising star chef: Komi under Johnny Monis. Some quick […]

Will ‘Top Chef’ Be Filming at Deal Middle School Tomorrow?

Everyone in the D.C. mainstream media/blog community seems to be playing a game of Where's Padma? The Washingtonian even has a working map of reported Top Chef D.C. sightings. Just when I thought I was above it all, I got dragged into the fray this afternoon with a tip that the Top Chef crews would […]

Michelle Obama Names Her Favorite Places to Eat in D.C.

If you're not the type who wants to hug Michelle Obama for spreading the joys of local produce, then maybe you're the type who can appreciate this fact: The First Lady really loves those salt-air margaritas at Oyamel! She loves them so much, she mentions them twice in this interview with WJLA. She also mentions […]

Michelle Obama and D.C. School Kids Replant the White House Garden

And why not? The inaugural White House kitchen garden became more than just a homegrown source for the First Family's meals but an international symbol for local agriculture and even the "site" for a special episode of Iron Chef America. Will the expanded garden suffer the inevitable sophomore slump this year? For a complete report […]