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Whole Hog

The table at Dupont Circle’s Eola is covered in small appetizers that seem innocuous—tortellini, chicken fried steak, tempura fries. But take a second glance. All three dishes are made from parts of a pig’s head: The pasta is filled with brain. The golden, deep fried tempura batter hides slivers of ear. And the “steak” is […]

Orange Alert: Organic Restaurants Should Be Part of BLS’s Definition of Green Jobs

Last month the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its final definition of green jobs. In March, BLS invited interested parties to submit comments about their initial definition and on their process of collecting data in this emerging economy, which has the potential to impact restaurants that serve organic food. BLS specifically solicited comments about: Whether the preparation and sale […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Oprah not only turns books into bestsellers, but her very name also generates clicks on lowly little food blogs. I'm thinking I'll put Oprah's name on every blog headline from now on. Just think: Even Oprah Wants Michael Landrum to Open a Hell Burger in Adams Morgan! Yep, Oprah and Michael Pollan's chat session was […]

Michael Pollan to Oprah: Food Is Alive and Should Die

Michael Pollan has written a number of bestsellers, including the brilliant The Botany of Desire, and he was No. 6 on Newsweek magazine's list of New Thought Leaders. But you wanna bet his appearance on Oprah this week probably did more for his cause than anything he's put in print? OK, I"m exaggerating, but Pollan's day-time talk […]

New York Times to Vegans: Plants Don’t Want to Be Eaten, Either!

Y&H will try to ignore the Times' annoying habit of making every story they publish sound like the first word on the subject. After all, as revealing as Natalie Angier's report is, it still follows the more groundbreaking work of writers like Michael Pollan and Jeffrey Steingarten (whose somewhat tongue-in-cheek essay, "Salad the Silent Killer," […]

The Botany of Desire: The PBS Special on Pollan’s Book

Before Michael Pollan became America's conscience on food — suggesting that we, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." — he was our tour guide into the complicated relationship between humans and plants. The Botany of Desire is still my favorite work by Pollan. It's that rare book that combines original thinking and reporting with some […]

Stephen Colbert Takes a Bite Out of the Food Scene

The Colbert Report was all about food last night, as you'll see from these three clips. The first features Colbert dining — and allegedly dashing — at three New York City restaurants that serve $1,000 dishes. More Colbert videos after the jump.

PETA Wants Lower Health Insurance Premiums for Vegetarians

I'm an idiot for tackling this issue because, well, that's exactly what PETA wants journalists to do. I'm taking the bait for one reason only: because the organization's proposal to lower health insurance premiums for vegetarians is the stupidest idea I've heard in years. Why? Simple: It's based on the massively faulty assumption that vegetarians, […]