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Limited Edition Spring Green Hat Gin Coming Soon

D.C.'s New Columbia Distillers will release its very first limited edition seasonal gin on Saturday. The spring/summer Green Hat Gin is more citrusy and floral than the D.C. distiller's signature gin thanks to cherry blossoms, three types of citrus peel, rosemary, and a bit of pepper. It's also got a slightly higher alcohol content (90 […]

Get Your Green Hat Gin Right Now

At long last, Green Hat Gin is here. New Columbia Distillers, D.C.'s first legal distillery in more than a century, began selling its signature liquor today. Stop by the distillery before 6 p.m. to buy from the first batch. Even if you can't make it today, the distillery will be open Monday through Friday from […]

New Columbia Distillers’ Green Hat Gin Begins Production This Month

New Columbia Distillers, the District's first distillery in about a century, is gearing up to begin production later this month. That means you could be drinking D.C.-made gin as soon as the end of August. The first creation from New Columbia founders Michael Lowe and his son-in-law John Uselton will be called Green Hat Gin. […]