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D.C. Distilleries Can Now Serve Cocktails, But They Can’t Operate Full Bars

The local laws governing distilleries have come a long way since 2012.

New Columbia Distillers Will Release Navy Strength Gin

There's also an apple brandy in the works.

Limited Edition Spring Green Hat Gin Coming Soon

D.C.'s New Columbia Distillers will release its very first limited edition seasonal gin on Saturday. The spring/summer Green Hat Gin is more citrusy and floral than the D.C. distiller's signature gin thanks to cherry blossoms, three types of citrus peel, rosemary, and a bit of pepper. It's also got a slightly higher alcohol content (90 […]

Get Your Green Hat Gin Right Now

At long last, Green Hat Gin is here. New Columbia Distillers, D.C.'s first legal distillery in more than a century, began selling its signature liquor today. Stop by the distillery before 6 p.m. to buy from the first batch. Even if you can't make it today, the distillery will be open Monday through Friday from […]

New Columbia Distillers’ Green Hat Gin Begins Production This Month

New Columbia Distillers, the District's first distillery in about a century, is gearing up to begin production later this month. That means you could be drinking D.C.-made gin as soon as the end of August. The first creation from New Columbia founders Michael Lowe and his son-in-law John Uselton will be called Green Hat Gin. […]