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BrewDog Part 1: Ministers of Beer

We believe great beer is all about the people who make it–their stories, attitudes, and the reasons they brew. Few brewers are as charismatic and with stories as compelling as James Watt of BrewDog. In March Tammy had the chance to spend several hours with Watt during a BrewDog event at Max's in Baltimore. Our first […]

NGS Seminar Warm Up with Garrett Oliver: Filling Michael Jackson’s Shoes

No, Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster and internationally acclaimed beer expert Garrett Oliver will not be putting on patent leather shoes and moonwalking across the stage at National Geographic's Grosvener Auditorium next week. But Oliver will be filling the large beer-and whiskey-stained shoes of a different Michael Jackson, the one responsible for turning beer into the artisanal […]

Don’t Want to Cook For Thanksgiving? Drink Your Dinner This Year

The Internet is rife with Thanksgiving-themed beer pairings, so we've elected to take a slightly different tack. This  year why not drink beer made with the ingredients of all your Thanksgiving foods instead of eating the same old tired feast? It'll save you time in the kitchen, guaranteed. If you insist on cooking and need […]

Dish of the Week: Tacos at La Placita in Hyattsville

The jukebox is thumping at Taqueria La Placita, this humble Hyattsville operation with the rusting-metal mariachi frogs perched on the roof.  The song is Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," whose bass line is almost rattling the wood tables, where Latino families have gathered on a Saturday afternoon to socialize and sample some of the best tacos in the metro […]

Beer 101 and Beyond: Our Top Five

We consider ourselves humble students of beer, always looking for a good new book or website, and frequently checking the ones we have grown to trust. Yesterday during a panel at the Women Chef and Restaurateurs National Conference, Tammy and several other regional beeries were asked for some good sources on beer. It got us thinking: […]

Michael Jackson Not Iowan Enough For Butter Sculpture

The Iowa State Fair's plan to memorialize Michael Jackson in butter has turned sour.  A majority of folks in the Hawkeye State just don't think MJ has the credentials to merit such a creamy honor, even though the Jackson 5 once played the state fair in 1971. So reported the New York Times over the […]

Iowa State Fair Plans to Build a Statue of Michael Jackson Out of Butter

The best line from this WHO-TV item: "Jackson will sit alongside the iconic butter cow in the Agriculture Building in a 40-degree cooler."

Michael Jackson’s Food Fight on the ‘Black or White’ Video Set

MJ is absolutely giddy at the mere thought of smashing a pie into John Landis' face. Maybe that's because there are "stink bombs" planted in each pie.