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Could You Eat an Animal You Just Witnessed Being Butchered?

Stretched out, the lamb's body looked like it reached 3 or 4 feet. Gone were the coarse curls and its entire head. It just laid there, deep burgundy muscles kept intact with bones and cartilage, or whatever else holds together a once-living creature. I didn't witness a slaughter, but a full-on butchering seemed close enough. Last week, Young & […]

Zagat Responds to Y&H Posts on Makoto and Repetitive Guides

This weekend, Tiffany Barbalato, director of communications for Zagat, e-mailed to address some of the questions raised in two Y&H posts from last week, the first wondering about Makoto's quick ascendancy to (and permanent place among) D.C.'s top restaurants and the other detailing Zagat's oddly duplicate guides on even years. Barbalato was responding for Olga […]

More on Makoto and Zagat’s Undying Love For It

Following my post yesterday on Zagat voters' undying love for Makoto, colleague Michael Birchenall, editor and publisher of Foodservice Monthly, did some serious sleuthing through his back issues of the annual restaurant guide, dating back to 1993.  Here's what he found: Makoto, which opened in the early 1990s, made a meteoric appearance among D.C.'s best […]

Michael Birchenall Takes Exception to Y&H’s RAMMY Rant

Well, actually, Birchenall takes exception to part of my RAMMY Awards rant, in which I bitched and moaned about the crowded, tuxedoed sweat-shop ambiance of this year's event. Specifically, the editor and publisher of Foodservice Monthly wonders if I understand that this ceremony is not catering to me, the media, or the public. Writes Birchenall […]