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José Andrés Collaborates on Ibérico Ham-Infused Mezcal

Meat-infused alcohol, believe it or not, is nothing new. Local mixologists have previously come up with a number of carnivorous cocktails, including a venison fat-washed whiskey at Fiola and a foie gras-infused armagnac at Bourbon Steak. But now José Andrés is taking it to a new level. His Think Food Group team has partnered with mezcal producer Del Maguey to [...]

Spirit Animals: New Bars Are Diving Deep on Rakia, Mezcal, and Absinthe. What Are They Drinking?

The bartender at Adams Morgan’s Libertine slides the absinthe fountain in front of us, opening the faux-silver spigot and letting out a slow drip. The water falls on a slotted spoon of brown sugar, dissolving it into a curvy glass of French Absinthe Blanchette—one of more than 30 varieties of the anise-flavored spirit on the [...]

Heads Up: Oyamel’s Tequila Festival Is Coming Up Next Month

Attention tequila and mezcal fans: Mark your calendars for Oyamel's fourth-annual Tequila and Mezcal Festival, which is coming up next month, March 14-27. From a press release: Oyamel will also be offering guests the opportunity to learn about and sample Mexico’s famous spirit through complimentary tastings led by the restaurant’s knowledgeable staff and talented guests [...]