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Pica Taco: Much Better Than Eating Dirt

Tacos, I'm beginning to think, are the trendiest food in town, which, if nothing else, helps justify my reckless appetite for these hand-held babies. The evidence: At Masa 14, I  devoured the brilliantly conceived and simply executed pork belly al pastor taco, in which a sweet, slightly deflated Chinese steamed bun stands in for corn […]

A Look Inside (and Outside) at Taqueria La Placita

Part of what I love about ethnic eateries (you know, I'm beginning to hate the term "ethnic" in conjunction with restaurants, but I can't come up with an umbrella term that works in its place) is the sense of being dropped into another world. To me, it's part of the pleasure of eating at small, […]

Dish of the Week: Tacos at La Placita in Hyattsville

The jukebox is thumping at Taqueria La Placita, this humble Hyattsville operation with the rusting-metal mariachi frogs perched on the roof.  The song is Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," whose bass line is almost rattling the wood tables, where Latino families have gathered on a Saturday afternoon to socialize and sample some of the best tacos in the metro […]