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Instagramming Food Porn For Restaurants? That’s A Real Job.

It's not just major restaurant brands that hire social media managers. Local eateries do it too.

Bar Sprawl

Todd Thrasher pulls a lighter out of his pocket and holdsthe flame to a slice of grapefruit rind. There’s a tiny poof of black smoke as he rubs aromatic oils around the rim of a glass, using the rind to stir the orange drink with Aperol, gin, Macchu Pisco, and five drops of salt water. […]

Pajama Party! Virtue Invites You To Come Eat In Your Sleepwear

“I promised myself that one day when I owned a restaurant I would let everyone come in their pajamas,” says restaurateur Meshelle Armstrong. And so she has. This coming Sunday, Sept. 4, Armstrong's Virtue Feed & Grain in Alexandria is hosting a pajama-themed brunch where patrons are encouraged to show up in their sleepwear for […]

What Do Eve’s Renovations Say About the State of Fine Dining?

You may wonder why I care about the mostly cosmetic renovations taking place in Restaurant Eve's Tasting Room. I mean, why should most people care that owners Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong have purchased new furniture and fixtures for their showcase dining room, where a prix-fixe, multi-course meal can easily surpass $200 a head? Let me […]

All About Eve, Part I: Surrounded by Food and Still Constantly Hungry

This is my fridge. As a  food lover and sometimes food writer, I have not bought groceries from a Harris Teeter or Whole Foods, let alone a farmers market, since late July. This empty shell reflects the sorry state of my kitchen. How did I get here? Having found myself at a work-life crossroads, I […]

Former Inox Sommelier John Wabeck Joins Restaurant Eve Team

Starting on Tuesday, former Inox sommelier and New Heights chef John Wabeck will join the Eat Good Food Group, the ever-expanding company that already runs four of the finest establishments in Old Town, including Restaurant Eve, Eamonn's, and The Majestic. "We're very excited," says co-owner Meshelle Armstrong about the company's new hire. "Hopefully he can […]

The Locavore Wine Controversy Just Won’t Die

Earlier this week, when I asked Todd Kliman if he wanted to respond to Meshelle Armstrong's letter semi-critical of his Daily Beast essay, "The Locavore Wine Hypocrisy," the Washingtonian food and wine editor begged off. Later that same day, he wrote his own response on his Tuesday chat:

Restaurant Eve Has a Problem With Todd Kliman’s Column on the Locavore Wine Hypocrisy

Meshelle Armstrong has been on the warpath about Todd Kliman's recent opinion column for The Daily Beast on the "locavore wine hypocrisy." It's a provocative piece, full of writerly angst about how, for many restaurants, the "buy local" philosophy stops at the local vineyard's front door. Kliman singles out Restaurant Eve, where Armstrong and her […]

David Blaine Stops by Eve, Inspires New Cocktail

Yesterday afternoon, Y&H received an emergency e-mail from Meshelle Armstrong over at Restaurant Eve. Illusionist and endurance specialist David Blaine was in the house!, she wrote. And apparently not hanging upside down by wires. Meshelle and chef/husband Cathal Armstrong, the duo behind the four-star performer, are big fans of Blaine. Meshelle said the magician was going […]

Michelle Obama and Company Dined at The Majestic on Thursday

This just in  from Meshelle Armstrong, wife of chef Cathal and distributor of vital information for all the Armstrong-led restaurants in Old Town: First Lady Michelle Obama, her mother Marian Robinson, and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, celebrated a birthday last night at The Majestic. Writes Armstrong via e-mail: Tonight, Mrs. Obama, her mother, beautiful daughters and […]