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‘First Bite’ on the Second Night: R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24 Gets an Early Visit from Critic Tom Sietsema

So much for critics waiting one full month before visiting a new restaurant. On his Facebook page, chef R.J. Cooper reports that he spotted Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema at his brand-spankin' new eatery Rogue 24 last Thursday, the restaurant's second night in business: "Mr. TS from Wash post just left the house. Suprised us […]

Michael Landrum, Look Who Made A-1 in The New York Times

I think it's safe to say — though you never know with him — that Michael Landrum finds some parts of Y&H's job rather shallow. Like reporting on what President Obama eats at Ray's Hell Burger. I think the last thing he told me yesterday as I was rushing off to beat the competition was […]

D.C. Brings Home the Hardware from Beard Awards

Last night, I was sitting at a large circular table at Espace in New York City with some rather distinguished company: Robb Walsh, formerly of the Houston Press; Ed Levine, the founder of Serious Eats;  Ryan D'Agostino, the articles editor for Esquire; and a trio of writers/editors with our sister paper, the Chicago Reader: Alison […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

If you haven't seen it already, the April issue of the Washingtonian is dedicated to "Hidden Gems." The cover copy assumes a breezy tone while promising the standard Inside-the-Beltway, super-cool, spook-access-only stuff: "Here's an insider's list of 62 off-the-beaten path things to see and do." The magazine then adds a smug little dig: "Leave the […]

Will ‘Top Chef’ Be Filming at Deal Middle School Tomorrow?

Everyone in the D.C. mainstream media/blog community seems to be playing a game of Where's Padma? The Washingtonian even has a working map of reported Top Chef D.C. sightings. Just when I thought I was above it all, I got dragged into the fray this afternoon with a tip that the Top Chef crews would […]

Journalists, Fans Respond to Condé Nast’s Decision to Kill Gourmet Magazine

Rumors had been circulating for weeks about pending cutbacks at either Gourmet or Bon Appetit, but Condé Nast's decision today to ax editor Ruth Reichl's print baby sent shock waves through the food community (even if Gourmet's book publishing and TV operations will continue, as will the Web site). In his business story for the […]

Everyone’s Squeezing the Juice Out of Obama’s Visit to Ray’s Hell Burgers

What is it about hamburgers that turns this town upside down? It might be a simple roundup of new joints or it might be a March Madness-like competition. Whatever it is, Washingtonians get absolutely apoplectic around ground beef. Case in point: Obama and Biden's visit today to Ray's Hell Burgers practically elicited more media coverage […]

Stachowski Out at Thirsty Bernie’s, Kitko Out at Redwood

It's been a bad day for chefs in the area. The Washingtonian is reporting that Jamie Stachowski, the mad genius of meat, is out at Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grill. The Washington Post is reporting that Andrew Kitko "parted ways" with Redwood in Bethesda. I personally think Thirsty Bernie will suffer greatly without Stachowski. […]

Drink Up! It’s the 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition

Everyone seems to be marking the 75th anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment, which repealed that disgusting American experiment in ruining a good drunk. Some of the more interesting stories include: