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Rockfish Risotto, Crab In A Martini Glass: Things To Expect at Southern Hospitality, Opening Tonight

Southern Hospitality—the new Adams Morgan eatery, described as "American fare with a Southern flair," which is in no way connected to the Justin Timberlake-co-created New York restro of the same name—opens to the public tonight at 5 p.m. "Quietly," adds co-owner Anthony Lupo. "But yes." The restaurant has been hosting friends and family the past […]

27 Days Later: Duplex Diner Reopens Tonight

Duplex Diner in Adams Morgan is reopening to the public on Wednesday night after being closed for renovations for the past 27 days. New owner Kevin Lee describes it more as an extended soft opening. "It's kinda frantic around here," says the former bartender turned proprietor, explaining that the ongoing construction at the corner of […]

Another Real-Time Tip!

More from Tip Correspondent Ruth Samuelson, who's out in the field with personal chef Monica Thomas. Here's the knowledge: *Meatloaf, if cooked in a normal, average loaf pan, will take an hour to cook. Timesaver: Cook it in a muffin tin. Twenty minutes, tops.