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Mixed Veggies: Ask Subway for Tofurky, Food Network Promotes Meatless Monday

Quick hits on the meatless beat The Campaign Continues: Meatless Mondays receives another bump in coverage as Kelly DiNardo asks local chefs for meatless recipes on the new Food Network based, City Eats, a combination blog, reservation and deals site launched in D.C. last week. Tofurkey Delight: Via Twitter, Subway encouraged its meatless eaters to tell […]

Meatless Sandwiches: They Should Be More Than Bread Stuffed with Veggies

Sandwiches were simpler when I was young. Turkey and mustard. Roast beef and mustard. Salami and mustard. Sometimes I would sneak a potato chip in between the bread, but that was it. My lunch-time sandwiches consisted of meat plus mustard plus bread. (Actually, I liked my sandwiches on hamburger buns, but that's a different story.) […]

Elvis Presley Meets Tofu Pad Thai at Nage

I'm not sure if Elvis Presley would have been a fan of Meatless Mondays — the movement to abstain from animal proteins one day a week for a healthier population and planet — but I have a feeling he'd like this peanut butter and banana dish. The King's most famous (only?) nod to vegetarianism was […]

The Global Fight Over Meat Eating

History, I think, will look back at the early 21st century as an important period in our developing attitude about greenhouse gases and global warming — and about how far we were willing to go to change our habits.  The fact is, there are many powerful forces, with seriously vested interests, who don't want us […]