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Are You Gonna Eat That? The Partisan’s Heartechino

For anyone who hasn’t enjoyed heart before, it’s an easy introduction to an imposing-sounding ingredient.

Linked In: Logan Sausage Company Is Living High On the Hog

The Logan family custom makes sausages for restaurants like Taylor Gourmet.

Meat, Meat, and More Meat at The Partisan, Opening Tonight

Garden District isn't the only place in town with a whole pig's head on the menu anymore. The Partisan opens today offering a $75 hog snout served with salsa verde, pickled peppers, and a pig ear salad. The platter is just one of the many things sure to make meat lovers giddy at the Penn […]

Three Little Pigs Lets You In: A Peek Inside Petworth’s New Charcuterie Palace

Y&H got an exclusive first taste of Three Little Pigs Charcuterie and Salumi, which opens Tuesday in Petworth. Judging by the platter of smoked meats I tried, which cost $11, area carnivores are in for a treat. Initial impressions: the tasso (Cajun pork) and andouille sausage carried just a hint of fruit wood smoke, and […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Dispoiled Pie Edition

Deconstructed pie really sucks. [Washingtonian] The carnivore's dilemma. [WaPo] Forget smoky flavor. At Rogue 24 and Columbia Room, your drink may contain actual smoke. [New York Times] Imports from overseas dominated Washington's International Wine & Food Festival [We Love DC] Designers of the forthcoming Daikaya envision a lantern-like facade. [WaPo] Mushroom stand? Pot pie farm? […]

To Louisiana’s ‘Fat Cow,’ D.C. Is One Big Burger Laboratory

Prior to opening his new gourmet burger joint, the Fat Cow, Doug Hosford of Baton Rouge, La., did what any respectable restaurateur would do. He took his team on a research trip to the biggest mecca of the genre. In Hosford's case, that meant East Coast beef patty haven Washington, D.C. Louisiana State University student […]

Saturday is National Filet Mignon Day: Get Yours at Lost Society, Save Five Bucks

Break out the steak knives! Aug. 13 is apparently National Filet Mignon Day. New "boutique steakhouse" Lost Society at 14th and U Streets NW is observing the beefy holiday on Saturday with a 20 percent discount on its own buttery filet (pictured) prepared by former Smith & Wollensky chef Joseph Evans. Just $22.60—you save five […]

Vegan Haven Braces for Meaty Future: Big Changes Coming to Asylum

Construction begins Monday to covert the ground-level section of vegan brunch spot Asylum in Adams Morgan into a yet-unnamed barbecue and beer joint along the same lines as Standard and American Ice Company. Owner John Andrade tells WaPo the transition could take four weeks “if everything goes well," or up to six weeks “if there […]

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It: Blood, Guts, and Deliciousness

It started with a warning: graphic material ahead. The graphic material? A duck killing. The British reality television series, Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, takes both vegetarians and meat eaters through the full cycle of nourishment: from the shooting of an animal to the eating of the animal. The show is meant to shock […]

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