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Loosen Your Belts: D.C. Meat Week Has Begun

Can you smell the smoked pork in the air? D.C. Meat Week is upon us again, with daily events showcasing some of the city’s best barbecue. The festivities kicked off yesterday, but tonight, head to Hill Country Barbecue's downstairs dining room for an all-you-can-eat evening. The $25 feast will include platters of brisket, pork spare ribs, […]

Meat Week Is Almost Here

Meat Week, Washington’s annual celebration of smoked and sizzled animal parts, is upon us again beginning this Sunday. As a result, I find myself confronting a question that frequently haunts the local smoked meats scene: Has D.C. made any progress toward becoming the great barbecue city it should be? By the numbers, the picture has […]

Rescheduled Meat Free Week Running Through Feb. 13

Not too long ago, Amber McDonald says she was the kind of aggressive steak eater who would have been an eager participant in Meat Week. But the antitrust lawyer switched to hardcore veganism a "little over a year ago when I read that a study had proven that cows were as intelligent and emotional as dogs. […]

Meat Week Organizer Cancels Tomorrow’s Trip to Mr. P’s Ribs

You probably figured this one out already. Local Meat Week organizer Mike Bober has decided to call off tomorrow's final gathering at Mr. P's Ribs & Fish in the Safeway parking lot at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE. "We can either revisit later in the month or — maybe easier — plan to finish on the […]

Local Organizer Has No Beefs With Opening Night of Meat Week

The opening night of Meat Week apparently surpassed the local organizer's expectations, which perhaps wasn't hard, since they hovered somewhere near rock bottom. But 24 people showed up last night at Urban Bar-B-Que, which stayed open late to handle all the carnivores. "I was really impressed at the way Urban Bar-B-Que stepped up to handle […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Appetite: Meat Week Begins Sunday

Our week of rampant carnivorism is almost upon us, and many of you have apparently been bombarding our captain with questions about just what the hell is Meat Week? Or how do you participate? How much does it cost? Do you have to go every night? Does it come with a free prescription of Lipitor? […]

Beware: Meat Week Is Nearly Upon Us!

Meat Week, if I'm truly honest with myself, is not designed for cities like Washington D.C., where barbecue joints have to cater to the many different styles of American smoked meats. The smokehouse that dares to specialize in, say, Texas 'cue or Carolina pulled pork is the smokehouse destined to fail in the District. At […]

Meat: It’s What’s For Dinner….Tonight and Tomorrow and the Day After Tomorrow

There are a ton of reasons not to eat meat: animal welfare, global warming, health, and even (God forbid) because some folks don't like the taste of it. So it's with no small amount of kiss-my-ass attitude that a pair of Floridians started Meat Week in 2005. The barbecue pig-out has since spread to Los […]