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Meat-Centric Restaurants With Great Vegetarian Dishes

With Meat Week and Meat-Free Week back-to-back, there's a little bit of a rivalry going on between those who love burgers and bacon and those who don't. But can meat lovers and vegans/vegetarians sit down to a meal enjoyed by both parties? At some restaurants, yes. We pulled together the best vegetarian fare from meat-centric […]

Meat-Free Week Starts Now

Last week's Meat Week was all about smoked and sizzled animal parts. Now, the city's vegetarians are biting back with Meat-Free Week. DCVegan, The Kindness Collective, and Compassion Over Killing are teaming up on a series of events today through Feb. 11. The festivities range from cooking classes to a vegan pop-up dinner to comedy from […]

Rescheduled Meat Free Week Running Through Feb. 13

Not too long ago, Amber McDonald says she was the kind of aggressive steak eater who would have been an eager participant in Meat Week. But the antitrust lawyer switched to hardcore veganism a "little over a year ago when I read that a study had proven that cows were as intelligent and emotional as dogs. […]