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Egg Off: Jersey Mac vs. Egg McMuffin

Fans of elevated junk food are still waiting for an upscale spin on Doritos Locos. In the meantime, D.C. restaurants are doing plenty to reinvent American fast-food staples. The latest example: Mike Isabella’s Jersey Mac at G sandwich shop, a take on McDonald’s famous Egg McMuffin. Isabella’s Mac is greasier, messier, heftier, and pricier than […]

Gut Reaction: The McRib Might Make For Decent Airline Food (Maybe)

Oh, the "tangy temptation." Like it or not, the elusive McRib sandwich, which McDonald's somehow chooses to release to the public about as often as God unleashes periodical cicadas, is suddenly available again. In an unabashed attempt to be as whorishly SEO-friendly as possible this week, Y&H procured a pair of the strangely popular sandwiches […]

Not Lovin’ It: McDonald’s New Happy Meals Won’t Make Vegetarians Very Happy

As part of McDonald's effort to create healthier choices, the fast food chain releases a new version of its iconic Happy Meal on Friday. The D.C. area has been chosen as one of the first markets to promote its new offerings, including "apple slices – as part of every order," a smaller sized french fry and […]

Consumer Reports: Five Guys Fries Second Only To Wendy’s

WTOP highlights a new Consumer Reports, um, report rating the country's various fast-food french fries. D.C.-area-based chain Five Guys ranked No. 2, behind only Wendy's and ahead of McDonald's. Here's what the mag had to say about Five Guys' fries: "Big baked-potato flavor complemented by oil and salt. Crispness and doneness were variable."  KFC came […]

Michelle Obama’s Secret Weapon in the War on Food: Bananas

The fine folks from that Taiwanese animation firm have dropped another amusing video. This time, watch first lady Michelle Obama battle Ronald McDonald of McDonald's, Burger King's The King, and Col. Sanders from KFC with fruits and vegetables. Young & Hungry never knew bananas could be used like ninja throwing stars. [via Eater Nat'l]

Quick Feeding: More Mandu, Buffalo Meat

Layrle's New Post: A few years ago, I was at a private dinner event where Francis Layrle, the chef at the French ambassador's residence, was cooking. It was a wonderful meal, despite the fact that a massive pig's foot was unexpectedly heaved onto my plate by the dinner's hostess. Layrle is now at Bezu in […]

Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Biscuit Surprisingly Similar to Its Spicy Sandwich

The Ballston Common Mall's basement-level food court isn't the best place to get excited about something new and spicy, especially when that something is the same spicy chicken, only served at 9 a.m. Young & Hungry, with a freshly printed preview reservation for Chick-fil-A's yet-to-officially debut spicy chicken biscuit in hand, walked up to the […]

Code Pinkberry: Why Does D.C. Have So Much Frozen Yogurt?

Sitting in the fashionable plasticity of Pinkberry in Fairfax, I’m sampling my very first cup of the famous fro-yo, trying to imagine those heady days back in 2005 when the yogurt shop debuted in West Hollywood and created a whole new kind of addict. At the time, Angelenos were willing to suffer parking tickets, neighborhood […]

Food News You Can Use: How to Use Store-Bought Cranberry Sauce and Pawn It Off As Your Own

No time to waste, let's get straight to the news. Capitol Hill Sporting Goods at 727 8th St. SE will soon be replaced by a funky new tavern serving up American fare and offering live jazz and blues. (The Hill Is Home) During President Obama's trip to the Subcontinent this past weekend, the Indian government […]

The Not So Happy Meal

Yet more proof that McDonald's food can stand the test of time, though perhaps not in the manner the company would like.