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The Matchbook Isn’t Quite Dead, Just Ask Matchbox Food Group

A semi-regular look at a fleeting form of restaurant swag in smoking ban-era D.C. On its website, Barracks Row restaurant Ted's Bulletin is described as "a real American classic joint with a bit of style." One bit of style is especially classic—practically anachronistic, in fact. I'm referring to the old-school-style free matchbooks that are readily […]

Restaurant Matchbooks: More Than a Light for Your Smoke

A few weeks ago when I was biting into that crisped pork belly at Northside Social, I saw something you don't see much these days at casual eateries — real, honest-to-God matchbooks. You know, to light those cigarettes that you can't smoke in restaurants anymore. The matchbook got me all nostalgic for those days when […]