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Dissecting Tom Sietsema’s 2010 Dining Guide

Red Hook Lobster Pound truck: street food makes the Dining Guide WaPo's Tom Sietsema released his 2010 Dining Guide online yesterday, and in between other tasks, I've been combing through it to understand how the critic views the current restaurant scene. Before I get to the nuggets that I've mined, though, I should note what […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Masala Art

Atul Bhola of Masala Art It happens to rock bands all the time: They start rolling in dough and having to push through a barricade of groupies on the way from the green room, and suddenly their music turns to crap. It can happen to restaurants, too. But while there are signs that Masala Art, […]

Cafe of India’s ‘Crackling Spinach': Can It Compare to Rasika’s Palak Chaat?

It seemed a hope beyond comprehension for D.C. to spawn two quality Indian outlets on the same street within a matter of months. I mean, we already had the instant-hit Masala Art in Tenleytown. Could Washingtonians find another one just a few blocks north on Wisconsin at Cafe of India? Alas, Cafe of India, despite its elegant […]

Masala Art Is of Two Culinary Minds

Atul Bhola spent the past 10 years as a manager at Heritage India, dutifully fulfilling his front-of-the-house duties while others, notably head chef Surinder Kumar, produced the curries that earned this small, two-restaurant chain all the praise. Bhola still walks the floor at his new restaurant, Masala Art in Tenleytown, but the man formally trained […]

The Origins of Chicken 65

Chef Sanjay Thumma is delightfully unself-conscious. His shtick is equal parts hucksterism, infomercial (late-night cable variety), and home cooking show, the sloppy mise en place notwithstanding. (Seriously, chef, you need to measure out those half-teaspoons a little more carefully.) Still, despite Thumma's used-car salesman persona, he seems to be on the mark about the origins […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why There’s So Much Lamb on Indian Menus?

It'd be perfectly reasonable to assume that the preponderance of lamb has to do with the cow's sacred place among Hindus in India, an argument that stands up until you realize that most of the lamb production occurs in other countries. Check out this quote from an FAO report about livestock production in Asia: Mutton and […]

Dish of the Week: Gaulati Kebab at Masala Art

Masala Art owner Atul Bhola had told me he would offer some unusual dishes at his new Tenleytown restaurant, and I have to admit the gaulati kebab plate ($12.95) sitting before me is so different, I'm not even sure how to eat it. The plate arrives with three lamb patties in the middle, surrounded by […]

More on Masala Art in Tenleytown

Y&H had been trading phone calls with the mysterious Atul, owner of the previously mentioned Masala Art in Tenleytown, before we finally connected this afternoon. Atul, it turns out, is Atul Bhola, a man with just a little bit of experience in Indian cuisine. He was manager at Heritage India for ten years. "It was […]

Tenleytown to Get Masala Art

Y&H took this picture as soon as I noticed the sign gracing the facade of the old Kuma space. Forgive the pic quality. I shot it through the car window while waiting at the light on Wisconsin Avenue at Albemarle, hoping I could snap it before the signal turned green and before the vehicle next […]