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Quick Feeding: Trystian Inspiration and Belgian Chef Secrets

International Secrets: Where does the Belgian Embassy's chef like to eat when he's not cooking? Belga Café, naturally. Also, Et Voila, Brasserie Beck, and Marvin. [Eater D.C.] Trysts Everywhere! As the folks behind Tryst look to open a similar type of place in Columbia Heights, the owners of Fly Lounge are looking to open a […]

Jamaican Meat Patties Meet Their Match: A Cold Beer and Sweet Mango Hot Sauce

The night-time sound track at Patty Boom Boom is so intense, I feel it in my chest before I walk through the door.  An infectious bass drop punctuated by a strumming, up-beat three chord guitar is a constant, and while Toots and the Maytals sing love is gonna let me down, I know one thing […]

High Time For Low-Brow Beer

Before we proceed, let's make one thing crystal clear: DC's beer scene is better than it's ever been. The difference, as compared to a decade ago when the Brickskeller was the only game in town, is astonishing and, yes, a net gain for anyone who likes to hit the suds now and again. But (yes, […]

Get Your Chimay on at Marvin Thursday and cheese. Better yet, beer and cheese made with great care by monks in Belgium. You can get your hands on some this Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Marvin. James Williams from Manneken Brussel Imports and Jeff Wells of Ale Street News and DOPS, Inc., will be highlighting the wonderful Trappist Ales from […]

Dish of the Week: Chicken and Waffles at Restaurant 3

If you ever had any doubts about a dish's ability to cross cultural boundaries, all you need to do is look at the trajectory of chicken and waffles. Once considered a staple of soul-food joints, chicken and waffles has become a fixture at trendy neighborhood operations like Marvin and Creme, where gentrification has ensured that […]

Readers Are Ranting Over Restaurant Noise, Too!

Wow, Y&H really touched a nerve yesterday with his bitch about noise at local restaurants. Either we're a town of old farts, or interior designers and owners have seriously overestimated how much "buzz" diners want in their restaurants. Here's a sampling of the commentary that has hit my inbox in the past 24 hours. From […]

Belgian Styles: Putting Rumors to Rest

You'd be hard pressed to go into a DC bar and not find at least one Belgian beer, or Belgian-influenced beer, available. In establishments with, shall we say, less than robust selections this usually means Stella, Blue Moon, or Leinie's Sunset Wheat, but DC Beer Week has had a lot of really great Belgian beer […]

Another D.C. Beer Week? Yes, Please.

Update: Through some legal snafu, Brew at the Zoo will not be technically affiliated with D.C. Beer Week. All events are still on, though. For beer drinkers, this mostly means that you won't see them listed on the same poster. The Lagerheads piqued our interest earlier about a potential D.C. Beer Week in August that […]

True Dining Guide Confessions #5: Who Flunked Out

Unless something so grosses me out or captivates me that I feel the need to single it out, like perhaps a bathroom that smells like an outhouse on a summer day in Georgia, my focus is on the plate. Good food is the reason I choose a place. Well, no, that’s a lie. I’m a […]

Food News You Can Use: Playing Catch-Up Edition

Hello, more cupcakes: Georgetown expands into Bethesda Over the past few weeks, Y&H has been on his own personal binge-and-purge campaign — binge as much as humanly possible at local restaurants and purge the details in the upcoming Young & Hungry Dining Guide, which should hit the streets on Thursday. I'm not complaining. I'm just […]