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Cocktail Guess: ‘Make Me Something Classically Old Fashioned, But Not A Classic Old Fashioned’

Location: Columbia Room, 1021 7th St. NW Bartender response: “ you have a spirit preference?” What we got: An “old-fashioned” dry martini made with Plymouth gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters, and lemon oil How it tasted: Mild, with bitter citrus notes Price: $14 Improv points (1–5): 3. He switched up the type of spirit, but […]

Pickled Cocktails, Pickled People

If you’ve ever cared to ask my opinion on the Dirty Martini, you’d find a generally gregarious and soft spoken me replaced by an opinionated jackass shouting down the masses for their frivolous tastes. I know that’s undoubtedly pretentious but all bartenders are allowed one hated drink be it the Mojito or Fuzzy Navel. It […]