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Surgical Tongs and Test Tubes: Funtastic Dinner Party Tips From Rogue 24’s R.J. Cooper

Move over, Martha Stewart! Your "easy centerpieces" and "quick appetizer recipes" have nothing on chef R.J. Cooper. The guy behind the forthcoming avant-garde D.C. tasting-menu restaurant Rogue 24 offers CNN's Eatocracy blog some non-traditional tips for your next dinner party. His recommendations: stainless steel cocktail picks ("much more fun than traditional wooden or bamboo toothpicks"), […]

The Job That Rachael Ray May Be Qualified For: Dry Cleaner Clerk

I'm sorry to pick on Rachael Ray. It's beyond shooting fish in a barrel. It's carpet-bombing fish in a home aquarium (though I have to admit that I admired Ray's self-awareness and unwillingness to take the bait after Martha Stewart bashed the TV cook last year). Nonetheless, would I be surprised one day to find […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: No Blarney

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone. Y&H trusts that y'all are wearing green today or at least have a sixer of Guinness tucked into your desk drawer. To prime you for the evening's merriment, we offer an Irish-themed roundup. The Bitten Word has a recipe for Irish soda bread, from that notorious lass, Martha Stewart. Serious […]