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Extreme Makeover, Food Edition: Will The Jockey Club’s New Identity Make The Place Relevant Again?

Goodbye, Jockey Club. Hello, 2100  Prime. Owners of the longstanding restaurant on Embassy Row announced their decision to switch out the old staid name of the place for a more modern moniker this week. One telling reaction to the re-branding of the "grande dame" of the D.C. restaurant scene comes courtesy of Y&H alum and […]

One Hurricane Please! Get Your Area Tropical Storm Specials Here

And so it begins. Not even noon and Young & Hungry already receives its first notification of hurricane-themed specials at a D.C. watering hole. I'll be updating these as they arrive in ye olde inbox throughout the day. So check back often. But give it up for Bar Dupont, the first venue to alert us […]

Lost Society in Translation: What Does ‘Boutique Steakhouse’ Even Mean?

In the magical world of marketing, the term "boutique" is bandied around as an instant signifier of cool cred. You see it in the lodging industry, for example, used to describe virtually any place not labeled Hilton, Marriott, or Motel 6, otherwise identified through its modish furnishings and eco-friendly towel-laundering policies. Which brings us to […]

McDonald’s Using Moms to Pimp Its Food

Last week, the Washington Post ran a fascinating piece about how McDonald's has adopted a new, grass-roots marketing strategy to counter all the negative impressions of their greasy food. The ploy involves recruiting mothers, taking them behind the scenes at Mickey D processing plants, and then recording their (hopefully) positive remarks for the Web for […]