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This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Cupcakes. People love to eat 'em and love to read about 'em, too. The little frosted cakes devoured two of the top five spots this week. Well, I should say that subjects tangentially related to cupcakes took two of the top five spots. Take a look: Furstenberg's Departure from G Street: What Does It Say [...]

Readers Respond to Furstenberg’s Departure and Theory on Comfort Foods for Lunch

Mark Furstenberg's surprise decision to leave G Street Food, just months after opening the place dedicated to international street foods, came with an equally surprising theory: that people may not crave curious foodstuffs for lunch. At least that was Furstenberg's current idea as to why G Street started so slowly. Y&H asked for your thoughts [...]

Furstenberg’s Departure from G Street: What Does It Say About D.C.?

We all know how hard it is to get a good, gourmet sandwich in this town. Well, it got a lot harder yesterday with the news, via WaPo's Tom Sietsema, that master baker Mark Furstenberg has decided to leave G Street Food, the once-and-former street food operation that turns out an excellent banh mi. Y&H [...]

Pilgrim’s Pride: Mark Furstenberg’s Dinner Rolls

Not Furstenberg's rolls. Make 'em yourself to see what they look like. As we head into Thanksgiving, Y&H wants to help you eat like a pilgrim (a Native American, too, because we’re all about equal opportunity eating here). In other words, we want to help you eat locally for the holiday. Almost 400 years ago, [...]

A Wide-Ranging Look at Beijing Street Food

Mark Furstenberg may be finding it a challenge to sell the world's best street foods to Washingtonians, but at least he wasn't hawking hand-held snacks in China during Chairman Mao's reign. Some Chinese street foods were apparently lost forever under Mao. This fascinating segment, from Al Jazeera English, doesn't really explain why the foods were [...]

Furstenberg Is Forced to Expand Beyond Street Foods

Mark Furstenberg's vision for his new G Street Food was simple: He wanted to bring some of the world's greatest street foods to a city that has some of the worst. It's too bad that Washingtonians don't seem to appreciate them. Or at least don't seem to appreciate them as much as Furstenberg and his [...]

The Key to Chez François’ Long Success? Dropping the French Stuffiness.

For this week's Young & Hungry column, I spent part of the afternoon with François Haeringer, the 90-year-old owner and founding chef of L'Auberge Chez François, the French country restaurant in Great Falls that can trace its roots back to 1954 in downtown D.C. In reporting the story, I spoke with Mark Furstenberg, the master [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Hey, look, a celebrity chef! We're all slaves to celebrity — or at least celebrity chefs. This week's top item is devoted to a freakish coincidence: I happened to be at G Street Food right when Rick Bayless popped in for a sandwich to go, to take with him for his flight out of town. [...]

Rick Bayless Drops by G Street Food This Morning

Bayless and Furstenberg: Men of the street Imagine Y&H's surprise when he stopped by G Street Food, baker Mark Furstenberg's new operation inspired by international street foods, and saw Rick Bayless casually walk in the door.  As if the celebrity chef lives just across the street, not half way across the country. Bayless, fresh off [...]

Food News You Can Use: Michelle Obama Edition

The First Lady has been the topic of foodie chatter on two fronts this week — first for her stop at Gramercy Tavern on Thursday, followed shortly thereafter with the launch of the "Michelle Melt" at Good Stuff Eatery. Let's see what the media had to say on these and other urgent foodie matters: Eater [...]