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Chefs Mark Furstenberg and Erik Bruner-Yang Named James Beard Award Finalists

D.C. doesn't get a lot of recognition—again.

Bread Furst Loaves Coming to P Street Whole Foods (Updated)

Corn rye, whole wheat, multigrain, and teff rye breads will be available at the grocer's P Street NW location on Thursday with the possibility of expanding to more locations in the future.

Daniel Boulud Looks to Ingratiate Himself in D.C. in a Way Other Celebrity Chefs Haven’t

“There’s a little part of me in D.C. every time I come," says the celebrity chef

Former Palena Chef Frank Ruta Heads to Bread Furst

After the shuttering of his Cleveland Park restaurant Palena, chef Frank Ruta is re-emerging on the dining scene this September at Bread Furst. Ruta will oversee Bread Feast, a nightly dinner at the Van Ness bakery of Mark Furstenberg. Former Palena pastry chef Aggie Chin will also assist. "This is not a pop-up," Furstenberg says. "I'm […]

Can the Latest Crop of Artisan Bakers Free D.C. From Its Bagel Angst?

Covered in sesame seeds and sweat, Jeremiah Cohen re-moves his flour-dusted orange apron to reveal a black T-shirt that reads “EAT. SLEEP. COOK.” “I’ve had nothing to eat, and I’ve had no sleep,” Cohen says. That’s not an exaggeration; the only thing his T-shirt has right is the “COOK” part. The former general manager of […]

What’s No Longer Missing from D.C.’s Food Scene? A Great Bakery.

As if on cue, an elderly man with a wooden walking stick and sandals over his socks pops into Bread Furst. “Everybody in the neighborhood has been saying Tuesday at seven o’clock there’s going to be a longer line outside your door than the car wash,” he tells owner Mark Furstenberg of his opening day […]

The Last Marvelous Market Closes Today

The Georgetown location of Marvelous Market—the very last—will close after today. "It just wasn't making money," says Senior Vice President Shawn O'Quinn of Thompson Hospitality, which operates the business. But this isn't the end of Marvelous Market, he says. "We're exploring opportunities to find a new location... We hope to reopen in the city." "We'll […]

Be Baker Mark Furstenberg’s Apprentice

Want to be an apprentice to longtime baker (and Washington food-scene tsk-tsker) Mark Furstenberg? Now's you chance. Furstenberg is looking for five apprentices as he prepares to open a new bakery called Bread Furst at 4434 Connecticut Ave. NW in Van Ness. The six- to eight-week unpaid apprenticeship program is part of a partnership with […]

Roast of the Town: Why Are We So Touchy About D.C. Becoming a Great Food City?

It’s no secret that everyone loves to hate Washington. We’re used to insults:  “a city running on exploitation,” “District of Crapola,” a place akin to the Capitol in The Hunger Games. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. To really get under Washingtonians’ skin, you have to talk smack about our food. You think our pizza is subpar? […]

What’s So Great About D.C.’s Food Scene? A Lot.

For all its progress, D.C.'s food scene just can't get any respect. The New York Times has made a hobby out of dissing our culinary culture (no decent pizza or sub sandwiches, eh?) and expressing shock at anything that doesn't require an expense account. I also don't think the Times is capable of writing a […]