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On Our Way to a More Meatless World

While I'd like to think my little column every Friday contributes to more eaters choosing meatless meals, it'll probably be Sodexo that will really change America's diet. This week, one of the world's largest food service providers announced it will join in the Meatless Monday campaign. In numbers, this means that vegetables will be featured […]

Meatless Sandwiches: They Should Be More Than Bread Stuffed with Veggies

Sandwiches were simpler when I was young. Turkey and mustard. Roast beef and mustard. Salami and mustard. Sometimes I would sneak a potato chip in between the bread, but that was it. My lunch-time sandwiches consisted of meat plus mustard plus bread. (Actually, I liked my sandwiches on hamburger buns, but that's a different story.) […]

First Bite: The Crisped Pork Belly Sandwich at Northside Social

The first thing I noticed about Northside Social — well, aside from all the customers flocking to the new coffee shop/wine bar in Arlington— was the light. The two-story operation, housed in the former Murky Coffee space, is bathed in warm natural sunlight, as inviting as anything on the menu from the folks who also […]

Fromartz Solicits Opinions on How Nobu Can Deal With BluefinGate

Samuel Fromartz, author of Organic, Inc. and winner of City Paper's baguette competition, posted a piece on Huffington Post this week, soliciting professional advice on how Nobu Matsuhisa could resolve the escalating conflict over the sushi chef's decision to continue selling bluefin tuna at his famous Nobu chain. If y'all haven't heard, the bluefin breeding […]

Baguette Champ Reflects on His Victory

Y&H should have posted this earlier, but Samuel Fromartz, the amateur baker who stole the show at our debut baguette competition, wrote a nice rumination the other day about his victory. How good was the essay? The New York Times' Mark Bittman blogged it, without providing a bit of context. By which I mean, he […]

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipes for a Cold and Rainy Wednesday

I don't know why, but days like today call for ungodly amounts of greasy calories, guilt not included. This video for deep-fried, bacon-wrapped mac 'n' cheese is pure Paula Deen, simultaneously exuding breezy backwoods Southern charm while drowning us in good ol' barnyard animal fat. By contrast, Patricia Wells' take on the pasta dish doesn't […]

Is Mark Bittman Trying to Scare Us or Make Us Hungry?

Earlier today, cookbook author Mark Bittman, who's been on a campaign to help us eat healthier and save the environment, sent this link around from his Twitter account. I don't know about you, but several of these images make me very hungry.

Weekend Food Porn: Tomato Tartare and Osso Buco

Saturday was a vacation for me. I ate at home. Carrie and I made dinner for friends. She made a tomato tartare, based on the recipe from Michel Richard's cookbook, Happy in the Kitchen, and I made osso buco with risotto alla Milanese, based on recipes by Mario Batali and Mark Bittman. The tomato tartare, […]

What Cookbooks Do Local Food Writers Favor?

My friend and food writer, Melissa McCart, recently asked a bunch of us food scribblers what cookbooks we like. For someone like me, it's sort of like asking what children's books I enjoy. It feels like it's been a long time since I regularly cracked open a cookbook to actually cook something. Such a sad, […]

Mark Bittman: Our Generation’s Julia or James?

A colleague recently asked me what cookbook I prefer, and I unflinchingly said, Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. It's simple, it's wide-ranging, and it has few mistakes in it (that I've been able to detect at least). There's a temptation, I think, to figure out Bittman's place in American cookery, which, in part, is […]