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Open Season: Restaurateurs Go Big Quickly in Expanding Their Businesses

It’s opening day at the Greek-inspired 14th Street NWrestaurant Kapnos, and chef/owner Mike Isabella admits he’s already going gray. For the first time, I notice white hairs salt the 38-year-old’s gelled-up ’do and scruffy beard. “It’s adrenaline and it’s stress,” Isabella says of opening new restaurants. “You work every day, open to close. And it’s […]

No Caviar and Foie Gras at Fabio Trabocchi’s Casa Luca

Fabio and Maria Trabocchi's newest Italian eatery Casa Luca, which opened downtown on Friday, is the restaurant they initially intended Fiola to be. Fabio had wanted to cook simple rustic Italian dishes—the dishes he remembered from his father, a sharecropper, growing up in the Le Marche region in central Italy. But when Fiola opened in April 2011, Maria […]

Fiola’s Maria Trabocchi Shows Off Her Back Door

Finding the public entrance to Fiola was tricky enough the first time. Pennsylvania Avenue? Pshaw! Locating the back door where VIPs sneak in sounds even more complicated: "Drive through the brick alley connecting Pennsylvania Ave. and C St. alongside Fiola. Exit in the courtyard between the office buildings, and the door is a few steps […]