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Which D.C. Tasting Menus Are Priciest?

Prepare to spend $620 for a meal!

Dinner Engagement: Behind the Scenes of D.C. Restaurant Marriage Proposals

Some D.C.-area restaurants see several proposals a month.

Code Dread

Along with chicken cordon bleu and red maître d’ jackets, the formal dress code appears to be on its way to the restaurant-ephemera graveyard. Though the D.C. nightclub scene has held fast to its velvet ropes and strict sartorial standards, dining establishments have slowly relaxed their rules—maybe due to Casual Friday creep or perhaps because […]

Underfed: Good Staff Is in Short Supply, and Restaurants Are Getting Desperate

Among local restaurateurs, there’s a sacred code: Don’t walk into another operator’s restaurant and try to steal the staff. But these are desperate times. In recent months, poaching has become more frequent and more aggressive. Passion Food Hospitality co-owner Gus DiMillo says it’s become all too common to see managers of other restaurants come into […]

The Federalist Chef Harper McClure Heads to Marcel’s

Before becoming chef de cuisine at The Federalist at the Madison Hotel, Harper McClure spent four months at Robert Wiedmaier's fine dining spot Marcel's. Now, McClure is heading back as executive sous chef. "I always felt like I never really gave Robert enough time, and it really is a great operation," McClure says. "I'm pretty […]

Nose-to-Tail Population Control

To fight overpopulation, the National Park Service plans to start hunting deer in Rock Creek Park this winter. Officials plan to give the meat to local food banks. While the cull has been controversial with some animal rights groups, chef Robert Wiedmaier is all for it. The owner of Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck frequently features […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Graphic by Brooke Hatfield

Marcel’s Maitre d’s Questionable Seating Practices

In its latest installment of The Gatekeepers, which features "the fine ladies and gentlemen that stand between you and some your favorite impossible-to-get tables," Eater interviews Marcel's maitre d' of the past 13 years, Adnane Kebaier. And, man, what an interview. Among the revelations, Kebaier says he won't sit two African Americans or two Chinese people next […]

Marcel’s Removes $32,800 check from Facebook

There was plenty of buzz Wednesday after Marcel's posted the receipt for a $32,800 bill (including a $10,000 tip) on its Facebook page with a note reading "a very good night for our Captains." The post has since been removed from Facebook. What gives? Restaurant publicist Simone Rathle says a staff member put it up, and […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Big Spenders Edition

Diners spend $32,800 at Marcel's including $10,000 tip [Washingtonian] The people behind Galaxy Hut in Clarendon open Spacebar in Falls Church with 17 grilled cheese sandwiches [Going Out Gurus] New ice cream truck called Street Cream launches in D.C. [Food Truck Fiesta] Panoramic views and small bites in steel lunch boxes at 1909 OverlooK, one of the city's highest rooftop bars […]