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Last Night’s Leftovers: Certifiably Neapolitan Edition

Georgetown's Il Canale earns the official pizza snob seal of approval. [Post] Al fresco dining in...February? Wow. [Washingtonian] There's still time to comment on D.C.'s newly proposed food truck rules. [CBS DC] Some background on 1789's Anthony Lombardo. [Examiner] Blue Duck Tavern's Sebastien Archambault may be the only native Texas chef with a French accent. […]

Sinatra Didn’t Dine Here

Boozy lunches and late-night binges, soaked up with Nat King Cole’s favorite burger, followed by the inevitable trips to Frank Sinatra’s favorite urinals—this is what dining at P.J. Clarke’s is supposed to be all about. The name alone should inspire a bleary-eyed hiccup or two. Fans of the AMC drama Mad Men will recognize the […]

Q&A: Hill Country’s Marc Glosserman Talks Barbecue

A friend and I have had an evolving discussion on the rise of urban barbecue joints that we’ve never really resolved. He says barbecue, no matter what style, loses something in translation from the country to the city. After all, it's a wonderful thing to eat barbecue in a shack off some rural road from […]

More on the Local Barbecue Trail: Griffin’s and Hill Country

This is what passes for photography when your camera's broke. I was aimlessly roaming around Beltsville, looking for an interesting place to eat, when I spotted a vision by the side of the road: a portable barbecue stand with a black-metal pit expelling smoke into the air, a smell as irresistible as I imagine the […]