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A Cold Chill Coming from Sou’Wester

The Sou'Wester pork jowl BLT sounded too mouthwatering to pass up, even if we were way past tomato season, but at $7 per sandwich, I had to ask our waiter how large the lunch-time portion was. He indicated that the sammie was small, perhaps the size of my hand, and that depending on my appetite, […]

Mandarin’s South by Southwest Is Running Behind Schedule

When last we checked in with Eric Ziebold — to hear him defend the name of his latest project, South by Southwest, which is actually a restaurant, not an excuse to get drunk in Austin — the esteemed chef said the Southern-minded operation would open in early summer. Scratch that. During a phone conversation yesterday, […]

Eric Ziebold Responds to Y&H’s Pot Shot at South by Southwest

Imagine Y&H's surprise when, just two hours after posting this item, chef Eric Ziebold was on the phone defending the decision to rename Cafe MoZU and identify it by the restaurant's location within the District. Ziebold was not at all defensive. He even agreed with my basic premise: that MoZU's new name, South by Southwest, […]

South by Southwest at the Mandarin: Love the Idea, Hate the Name

The Post's Tom Sietsema broke the news yesterday that the Mandarin Oriental and chef Eric Ziebold will be transforming Cafe MoZU—the pan-Asian restaurant best known as the place everyone wanders into when looking for CityZen—into a more modestly priced outlet featuring Eastern Shore flavors. CityZen's second-in-command in the kitchen, Rachel Harriman, will be the chef […]

False Alarm: No Fire at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

This is sort of like reporting that, new flash, no one was killed today in Congress, but I figured my wife, Carrie, can't be the only person who heard this item on WAMU this morning. She called to tell me there was a fire at the Mandarin Oriental, which houses one of the city's finest […]