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On the Rocks: Can America Learn to Drink Intelligently?

We had just spent the evening dancing and drinking to the subdudes at the State Theatre. I don’t remember how much Carrie or I had to drink. Maybe we were drunk. Maybe we weren’t. It didn’t matter. Neither one of us was counting drinks; the very act of quantifying our consumption would have diminished our […]

Does the World Need a New Ketchup?

Gastronomista reported recently about the existence of something called Sir Kensignton's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup , whose materials look like a bad parody of a McSweeney's condiment-marketing initiative.  (The ketchup's old-timey figurehead has a top hat, monocle, mustache and plenty of antiquated Anglophonic excess.) Brand aesthetics aside, there is perhaps no American pantry category less wanting […]

Some Recommended Reading…

Two recent pieces about alcohol, while not exactly beer-related, are worthy enough to bring to your attention. The first, by the New Yorker's Malcolm Gladwell, challenges our assumptions that alcohol consumption dulls experience and makes the drinker less attuned to his immediate environment. Instead, Gladwell argues, alcohol's real effects are to encourage a kind of […]