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Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Graphic by Brooke Hatfield

Blistered Peppers: So Hot Right Now

One of the hottest dishes around town is also one of the simplest: small whole roasted peppers, soft and full of seeds with tinges of char. ChurchKey serves fire-roasted shishito peppers with an addictive sweet spicy harissa peanut "dippy sauce" for $6.50. Jackie's Restaurant in Silver Spring has them with robiola cheese and aged cherry […]

Mala Tang Owners Return From China With New Sichuan Menu

Mala Tang owners Oren Molovinsky and chef Liu Chaosheng recently returned from a 10-day eating tour of China, and they've brought with them dozens of traditional Sichuan dishes that debuted this week. The Arlington hot-pot spot owners began their travels in Nanjing, where they attended a conference promoting economic ties between China and the U.S. […]

Quick Feeding: D.C.’s Chinatown Just Isn’t Double-Cooked Enough

Misfortune Cookie: "DC is no Beijing or Hong Kong, nor is it New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles. But there's no obvious reason that the city, accommodating a steady stream of cosmopolitan and international population, should be content dwelling in a cesspool of Chinese/ethnic food mediocrity." [The Atlantic] Head of the Class-Action: A […]