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Ladies Slight: The Problem with D.C.’s New Crop of “Female-Friendly” Restaurants? They’re Insulting to Women

You could easily mistake the images flashing across STK Steakhouse’s website for a Maxim spread. A spiky red heel piercing a bloody steak. A pair of red lips and perfect white teeth biting into a chunk of rare meat. A leggy model in stilettos and a tight, tiny dress carrying a cleaver. “Not Your Daddy’s […]

Ladies Welcome at the New Maggie’s Sports Bar

At Bethesda’s Wing Hub, men ogle ESPN SportsCenter as they sip beer and eat wings along the bar. It’s the typical sports bar scene. But it’s the “boys only” vibe that prompted owner Jeff Trilling to rebrand the place as Maggie's. The switchover, first reported by Bethesda magazine, will mean more than a name change. Maggie's will […]