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Are You Gonna Drink That? Dram & Grain’s Turkey-Infused Whiskey Cocktail

Bartender Lukas Smith says his goal was to impart the drink with “a ramen-esque, bone stock quality.”

Daikaya Now Has D.C.’s Fizziest Cocktails

Pretty much every serious cocktail bar in the city makes their own sodas these day, but none do it quite like Daikaya. Using technology developed by home brewers to quickly carbonate their beer, Beverage Director Lukas Smith is able to give his cocktails the kind of sharp fizz and fine bubbles you’d normally find in […]

Daikaya Owners Nix Plans for Japanese Cocktail Bar Called Kiji Club

Sorry, folks, Japanese cocktail spot Kiji Club isn't happening after all. The owners of Daikaya were going to open the bar in the basement space at 600 F St. NW, just a block from their ramen shop and izakaya. They even started the buildout. But according to co-owner Daisuke Utagawa, they've decided not to continue with the venture. Utagawa explains […]