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Where to Play State of the Union Bingo

The president’s State of the Union address might really be just one big drinking game for wonks. This year, at least three bars and restaurants are playing State of the Union bingo. The Diner in Adams Morgan will host a viewing party and bingo game with 50-cent wings and $18 pitchers from 8 p.m. until […]

D.C. Beer Week, Day By Day: Lagerheads’ Picks for Wednesday

Start pumping the pain killers and throw back some water because D.C. Beer Week madness continues today with more than 20 events across the city. Once again, The Lagerheads, or at least this half of 'em, are here to help steer you in the right direction. Below are my picks for the evening, but if you […]

Back in Black Bean: Recent Victories for the Meatless Burger

As someone who indulges in a fantastically meaty burger every once in a while—currently liking BGR best; wasn't impressed with Ray's Hell Burger; still haven't tried Shake Shack—I tend to judge burgers comprised of beans, grains, vegetables, or assorted soy products with an especially critical eye. As stated in a previous post ("Should a Veggie […]

D.C.’s Own Bloomin’ Onion: The Deep-Fried Loaf at Lou’s City Bar

Outback Steakhouse's Bloomin' Onion is a true award-winner. It's constantly listed near the top of the rankings of the worst and fattiest foods on the planet. WebMD named it one of ten "health horrors" with  "800 calories, 58 grams of fat and 22 grams of saturated fat, plus 1,520 milligrams of sodium." Well, we might have […]

Last Week’s Leftovers: Foie Gras, Fava, Slaw, and Less Gas

Dishes We Dug: Foie gras nigiri at Tsunami, slaw dog at The Passenger, early spring pizza (fava beans, english peas, basil-walnut pesto, fresh mozzarella) at Radius, smoky black-bean veggie burger at Lou's City Bar. Overheard Outside Georgetown Scoops: "People are too nice here. I can't take it." I Know I Ordered an Old-Fashioned But This […]

Commonwealth To Dissolve This Weekend

It is your last chance to dine on Scotch eggs or bangers and mash while gushing down pints of British ales and American craft beer at Commonwealth Gastropub in Columbia Heights. The doors of the London-style "farm-to-table" pub, which first opened in August 2008, will be closed for good after Sunday. As reported by The Washington Post […]