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Free Oyster Po’Boys! Cajunator Giveaway at Navy Yard Today

As mentioned on the Y&H food events calendar yesterday, Cajunator food truck operator Lloyd Blanchard is teaming up with his home state's Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board on a free oyster po'boy giveaway at lunchtime today outside the Navy Yard Metro station. Anyone purchasing gumbo or red beans and rice is entitled to a […]

Homemade Jerky, Veggie ‘French Dip,’ Keg Wine: Things To Expect at District Kitchen, Opening Tonight

"This is what I've been waiting for," Drew Trautmann says. And waiting. And waiting. Finally, after months of delay, the former Sonoma and Mendocino chef's brand-spankin' new District Kitchen opens for business at 5 p.m. sharp tonight in Woodley Park. Eater DC has the full opening menu. Y&H called up Trautmann to chat about some […]

More Gator Bites: TruOrleans Will Also Serve Reptile Snacks

The latest in a string of Louisiana-themed eateries to bring a taste of the bayou to the nation's capital opens Friday, July 15. Like several of its predecessors, TruOrleans on H Street NE promises to uphold the culinary traditions of Cajun country. For one thing, the venue will not shy away from serving reptile. According […]

Bad Ass Photo of the Day: David Guas at Bayou Bakery

In preparation for the opening of his Bayou Bakery in Arlington, owner and chef David Guas got all tatted up. The New Orleans native inked his left bicep with a silhouette of Louisiana superimposed with a fleur de lis, which is, after all, the official symbol of the state. The eatery passed its mechanical inspection […]

ARLnow: David Guas Has Signed a Lease for Bayou Bakery

Y&H has not been able to independently confirm this information yet, but ARLnow reported today that former Passion Food pastry chef David Guas has signed a lease to open Bayou Bakery in the former Camille's Sidewalk Cafe space at Arlington Courthouse. Details are thin at this point, but ARLnow notes that "Bayou Bakery just applied […]

It’s Louisiana Crawfish Season But Where the Hell Can You Get Them?

One of the subjects in this mini-documentary on Louisiana crawfish claims that, at some point, 95 percent of the mud bugs were consumed right there in the Pelican State. "My first reaction was," the subject tells the camera crew, "'How are we letting the other 5 percent get away?'" Well, they certainly aren't sneaking their way to D.C., at […]