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Last Week’s Leftovers: Try the Duck Reuben, Not the Corona-Dipped Fish

Dishes We Dug:  Waffle burger (pictured) at Locolat; cheese steak tartare at  Bourbon Steak; smoked duck reuben, ramp dough balls, armangnac-date pudding with Guinness toffee sauce at Poste; royal po'boy with barbecue shrimp and collard greens at Bayou; New Haven pie (white clams, garlic, olive oil, pecorino romano, oregano) at Pete's Apizza. Dishes We Didn't: […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Locolat

Few restaurants have the pedigree of Locolat, yet the place barely rates more than a passing reference from most professional palates, as if we can’t be bothered with a mere chocolate shop that caters to a lunchtime crowd with a line of humble sandwiches. But let’s review the facts: Owner Niel Piferoen has studied with, […]

Plenty of Terrific D.C. Sandwiches Hiding in Plain Sight

In a previous love letter on the subject, I speculated that the District had become a serious sandwich town. In further research on the topic, I spoke to a number of sources who disputed that notion. They laid out their arguments in the most recent Young & Hungry column. Now, I have a great deal […]